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Speaking Engagements with Linda P. Hudson

As one of the most powerful women in business, Linda P. Hudson has transformed companies, cultures and careers. An accomplished speaker and thought leader, she continues to build on her interest in people and how they work and lead, sharing her proven expertise with audiences across the country.​​​

An Accomplished Speaker, Linda Can Help You:
  • Inspire and educate your employees on the fundamentals​ of effective leadership and what it takes to lead in today's world.
  • Present a rare opportunity to hear a CEO's perspective on diversity and inclusion in multicultural and multigenerational workforces.
  • Engage your audience on national security issues facing our country today.
  • Provide tangible value to your conference attendees with clear advice and real takeaways.


Speech Topics Include:
    Effective Leadership
    Diversity and Inclusion
    Multicultural and Multigenerational Workforces
    National Security