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Led by Linda P. Hudson, The Cardea Group brings unparalleled expertise and award-winning methodologies to our clients, helping them navigate:

  • Transitions in leadership.

  • Multicultural and multigenerational workforces.

  • The intersection of digital and traditional communications.

  •  Scaling businesses in rapid growth environments.

  • The evolving Aerospace and National Security industry.

Linda also shares her coveted insight and advice as a keynote speaker, covering topics on effective leadership and the importance of diversity and inclusion. 

What You Get: Better Outcomes. Results. The opportunity to leverage the proven expertise of successful business leaders who understand what it takes to get things done and do them well. We accelerate your success. 


Consulting Expertise:

  • Leadership and board development
  • Multigenerational and multicultural workforces
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Business startup and scaling businesses
  • Digital and traditional communications methods
  • Aerospace and National Security industry
  • Personal business management

SPEE​CH Topics include:

  • Effective leadership
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • National Security
  • ​Multicultural and multigenerational workforces

Individual Engagement:

  • Executive coaching
  • High-potential mentoring
  • New leader assimilation
  • Exiting leaders
  • Preparing for corporate board service​

design work expertise:

  • Multigenerational and multicultural work environments
  • Adapting technology for today's workforce
  • Workplace flexibility designs