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Managing transitions is critical in business and life, yet so few people do it well. The Cardea Group is focused on implementing and managing change in leadership, organizations and strategies to help accelerate success.
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As one of the most powerful women in business, Linda Hudson has transformed companies, cultures and careers. An accomplished speaker and thought leader, she continues to build on her interest in people and how they work and lead.
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The world is changing rapidly, and only those leaders able to adapt and embrace change will succeed and provide the best outcomes for their stakeholders.

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Better Outcomes. Results. The opportunity to leverage the proven expertise of successful business leaders who understand what it takes to get things done and do them well. We accelerate your success.

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Twelve Tactics to Managing Stress​​

It is good to know no one has a magic formula for a stress-free l​ife, so don't stress! You are probably not falling short. READ MORE​​​ ​




Linda shares her coveted insight and advice as a keynote speaker, covering topics on effective leadership and​ the importance of diversity and inclusion.